Everyone needs support and a new way of looking at business

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got” Albert Einstein

In business there is no get rich quick schemes, business takes hard work and dedication.

It is quite possibly 10x harder than most ever imagine it to be.

If you’re already in business you probably already know this and if you’re looking to start a business, now you know.

There are a multitude of areas that need taking care of:

  • Business planning
  • Growth targets
  • Ideal target markets
  • Lead generation
  • Digital media
  • Sales and closing the deal.

To list but a  few.

  • We don’t get taught this in school or at university
  • You want more clarity in your business planning and a clear plan for growth
  • You want to define your ideal target market
  • You want more sales
  • You want to understand how best to use social media in your business
  • You want more revenue.

B-Growth Solutions is an on-demand training platform which provides the very training programme you are looking for to grow your business.

How; I hear you ask?

Thanks to the extensive knowledge and skills B-Growth Solutions has, we’ve created a modulated library of on-demand training from

  • Funnel marketing
  • Lead magnet creation
  • Business planning
  • Presentation skills
  • Keynote speaking
  • Facebook ads
  • LinkedIn prospecting
  • Online video training and distribution
  • Ideal Target markets
  • Marketing automation
  • Closing the deal
  • And much more.

The weekly training sessions are delivered to you with worksheets and guidance notes for you to download; implement and execute

And yet more still

You will also have access to B-Growth’s business inner circle call every other week. We hold a live Q&A where you can ask any question regarding the training you’re on, the implementation in your business or just simply support and accountability so you get it done.

We also bring you online and specifically work with you on the call helping you get that breakthrough moment, this helps you and the whole B-Growth community. By learning from each other the whole community rises together.

  • How they did it
  • What were there highs and lows
  • Great advice
  • Mindset
  • Learn from people who have already done it.

And much more

Here’s the deal

We have over 40 years in business and created B-Growth on-demand training due to the rapidly changing landscape of business and the rise of the digital economy.

We have created a library of knowledge with continuous weekly support that you can learn, implement and profit from.

You can take the first module free

Hywel is the founder of APD  Resolutions Ltd and co-founder and co-director B-Growth Solutions. APD is a business consultancy which helps small to medium enterprises grow and remain on target with their business objectives. Hywel has spent over 40 years working on large and small projects globally; from project managing £5,000,000 contracts, presenting to multi-national CEO’s and has become an experienced corporate and personal advisor, coach, and Public Keynote Speaker.

During the many years of experience three areas of expertise Hywel became renowned for are:

  • Project Management and Business Planning which has resulted in the B-growth Model.
  • Train the Trainer which has resulted in hundreds of successful trainers/coaches being employed globally.
  • Hywel has presented to 500+ audiences giving him a vast amount of experience and skills in the art of speaking from the stage and presentation styles.

Hywel’s mission is to help empower as many people as he can with the knowledge and skills to develop and grow the business of their dreams, he often refers to himself as the dreamcatcher.

Lee is the co-founder of B-Growth Solutions and founder of www.tradingforretirement.com a financial trading platform to show people how to trade the financial markets for retirement, Lee is an astute trader and an accomplished entrepreneur, who is fascinated with the digital economy and where the global economy is heading.

Lee’s extensive knowledge of marketing automation and his unique ability to spot trends in the marketplace either in the business or the financial markets has helped many clients move closer to living a life on their terms, whether helping people generate a semi-passive income from the financial markets or helping them build and scale their business.

Thank you for visiting and we wish you all the success in your business

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What You Will Learn


1, Fully understand how to plan and grow a successful business.

2, Marketing strategy formulation.

3, Understand social media and content distribution.

4, Overview of funnel marketing in your business.

5, Create a powerful mission & vision to pull you forward. 

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